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Top Ten Matched Betting Tips For Newbies

Top Ten Matched Betting Tips for Newbies

At WinningOdds, we want to make your matched betting experience the best it can be. This is why we have written this article that lists our top ten tips for matched betting, especially important if you’re a newbie!

1.) Take Notes

This is especially important if you’re new to matched betting because we think it’s a great idea to take notes whenever learning something new in case you ever feel a little stumped and want to refer to your physical notes. However, we believe that we offer our members, all of the tools that they could need in order to maximise profits and we also have our tutorial videos too!

If you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to check out our Profit Tracker, it will help you keep track of what you are earning. With it’s simple interface, you can easily log new entries of profits that you have made.

2.) Don’t Gamble

This is probably the most important tip on the list. When we complete matched betting offers, we are doing it in order to take advantage of free bets that are being offered by bookmakers, we remove all risk by betting on all outcomes. Please don’t get tempted to gamble, when you are on the bookmaker websites, remember you are there to take money from them (not the other way around!).

If you enjoy doing a bit of gambling outside of matched betting – e.g. if you support a football team, that’s completely fine but our aim is to show you how to make guaranteed profits by betting, using maths and not through random probability or a matter of luck. If you feel that you are addicted (or becoming addicted), please visit the website below:

3.) Don’t Rush!

There is no rush to complete offers, we suggest that you take your time, especially when starting out. The Sportsbook Signup Offers are the easiest to complete, the process is simple but even I had made a mistake when I was first starting out in Matched Betting as I was getting too confident for my own good! I had placed a back bet but forgot to place the lay bet, if I had placed that lay bet, I would’ve won about £16 if I remember correctly – but I ended up making a loss as I forgot to place the lay bet all together.

As you become more experienced, you’ll get faster at completely offers, naturally. Don’t force yourself to complete an offer in a short period of time, remember that this is real money that you are dealing with, be careful and don’t do what I did!

4.) Learn from your mistakes

In the previous tip, we spoke about not rushing through offers but what if it’s too late? Then learn from those mistakes! Like I said in the previous tip, I made a mistake and as a result, I now take more care in completing offers. Remember to not only double check, but triple check! Check to make sure you have everything right, that you are about to place that bet on the correct market, the correct amount, the correct match, horse, whatever it is, whatever your mistake was, learn from it and don’t do it again!

5.) Earn even more – Invite your friends!

Matched betting offers can be completed by anyone 18+ and living in the UK, why not let them know about matched betting and how they can use it to make hundreds, and even thousands of pounds every month!

Invite two paying members and we will reduce your monthly membership fee from £37.99 down to just £17.99! For every paying member that you refer after that, we will pay you £10! Please note, each member must pay for at least one month of membership.

6.) Community Forum

Not only do you have access to us for your matched betting related queries but you also have the community forum – chat with other members within the matched betting community, share tips, help each other with any questions or queries that you may have and make yourself known within our community! Feel free to ask any question you like no matter how stupid yo may feel it is, trust me – we were all a beginner at one point!

7.) Consider opening a new email & bank account

As experienced matched bettors know very well, after you have been completing quite a few offers, you start to get lots of emails from bookmakers that will fill up your inbox. You’ll be receiving emails about promotions, notifications and more so we suggest opening a new email account (it only take a couple of minutes). Keep everything organised and keep your main inbox clear of bookie emails!

You might also consider setting up a new bank account. To start with you’ll only be completing a few offers so don’t let this worry you too much as you should be more focused on the learning. As you complete more offers, you will notice that you bank statement eventually becomes filled with incoming and outgoing transactions and this might annoy some people but like I said, don’t worry about this too much if you’re just getting started, it’s just a personal preference for some.

8.) Do the casino offers

As you get started, stick to the sportsbook signup offers and the reload offers just like we spoke about in the previous tips but as you become more experienced in matched betting, do move onto the casino offers because there is good chance that you can win big – for free (because we are taking advantage of free spins).

9.) Use betting exchanges with lower commission

It might not seem like a lot of extra money but in the long term, it is! What were talking about is making use of betting exchanges with lower commissions. There are four main betting exchanges and they are: Smarkets, Betfair, Matchbook and Betdaq. We first introduce you to Bet365 because it’s very easy to get used to but they charge 5% commission. If you start using a different betting exchange such as Matchbook, you can start paying a smaller commission of just 1.5%. Over time, this can add up to a lot of money – remember to take advantage of betting exchange offers too, such as the £50 Smarkets offer.

10.) Remember to mug bet!

This is an important one. To ensure the longevity of your betting accounts and for you to continue to make money through matched betting, you must place regular mug bets. Mug bets make the bookie think that you are a gambler, they want you to lose money over a period of time and make them lots of money! If they find out that you’re a matched bettor, they will most likely ‘gub’ you from their site. Check out our ‘Free Guides’ section for more information.

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