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Why Matched Betting Is Perfect For Students

Why matched betting is perfect for students

We understand that the life of a student can be hard. Waiting for student loan payments, having to scrape by on very little. Let’s end that! In this article, I will be going each of the reasons on why matched betting is perfect for students.

  • Flexibility

One worry that you may have if you were to go and get a job might be the working hours. You’ll be glad to know that you can complete matched betting offers at any time of the day! Whenever it suits you, night or day, weekend or weekday, do as much or as little as you want.

  • No Experience Needed

Thinking about starting matched betting but worried that you will be unable to complete offers due to having a lack of knowledge in sports or odds? Don’t worry! Matched betting is about taking advantage of bookmaker offers and placing bets. You don’t need to have great knowledge in football or betting, we’ll teach you everything that you need to know.

  • Make some serious cash

If you’re like me, you’ve scoured the internet to find ways to make money online. The same old things come up, time after time. Surveys that can last half an hour and pay you just a few pence (and many sites only pay you after you reach a minimum earnings level). Matched betting isn’t like that at all. At an average pace of completing offers, we think you can probably make about £10-15/hr – this depends on the vale of the offer as some of them are worth just a few pounds and some others, worth more. Once you complete each offer, those winnings are YOURS to withdraw DIRECTLY into your bank account from the bookmaker. No “minimum earnings” nonsense.

We have two threads on our forum, one of them titled “How to make £300/month through matched betting” and another, “How to make £1000/month through matched betting” Take advantage of tips within these threads and talk with other members about your targets.

  • Low start-up cost

There are only a few things that you need to get started with matched-betting.

  • A computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Internet Connection.
  • About £60 as a floating balance (To place your qualifying bets to unlock free bets – once the qualifier bets have settled, you will receive this money back. ).
  • Become a WinningOdds member.

Refer your friends – save and earn!

The standard monthly membership price is £37.99 but if you refer two friends to our platform that sign up and pay for at least 1 month of membership, we will decrease your monthly membership cost to just £17.99! For every new member that your refer after that, we will pay you £10 cash. Why not take a look at our advertising banners here and post one onto your social media?

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